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Conform'able Custom Ski'n'Blade moulded insole footbed

Custom Ski Orthotic Insole
(Colour: Red)


Sidas Custom Ski orthotic insole is the best selling individually moulded footbed around. It is infinitely adaptable to dramatically improve the fit and comfort of your ski or snowboard boots. They can be fitted to your new or existing ski or snowboard boots and you will feel the difference....

Stabilising your feet by use of orthotic insoles (footbeds) supports and strengtens your feet to minimise the loss of muscle power and flexibility throughout the duration of your chosen activity. The problems experienced in footwear due to the instability of your feet (sprained ankles, muscle fatigue, pain and rubbing) will be dramatically reduced by a custom footbed designed to equalise the pressure under your feet to provide the right kind of support and comfort.

The foot is an amazing structure that is constantly supporting your body, adapting to changes in pressure and direction according to the type of activity and the intensity but, as soon as your muscles reduce in power through fatigue the foot tends to collapse and change shape. The different components that make up your foot can change in volume, length, positioning and also vary between individuals. The foot is constructed around 28 bones, 27 muscles & 33 levels of articular mobility and there exists an infinite number of possible foot shapes and volumes. This can make getting a good, comfortable fit from ski and snowboard boots a challenging process.

We aim to provide the best possible boot-fitting service. We operate a one-to-one appointment-based analysis and boot-fit in our ski and snowboard boot lab. The analysis, boot-fitting, boot modification and production of custom orthotic insoles will be charged at £20 when buying boots from Carters. £50 when fitting boots brought to us by you, old or new.