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Campingaz Entertainer 23L Convertible Hot/Coolbag

Camping Gaz
Campingaz Entertainer 23L Convertible Hot/Coolbag


Campingaz Entertainer 23L Convertible Hot/Coolbag. Now you can entertain anytime, anywhere. This stylish hot/coolbag ensures you get all your party foods safely to the party. Additionally, to keep your goods fresh and cool, the Convertible Hot/Coolbag and the Dual Compartment Hot/Coolbag have a special liner that also keeps hot food hot.


  • Capacity: 23L
  • Insulation: 6mm EPE closed-cell foam insulation
  • Fit: Holds 5 x 1.5L bottles
  • Features: Cooler can be used horizontally or vertically - straps rotate for horizontal configuration so user can carry a casserole dish, cake pan, or any other foods they want to keep flat, full lined with heat-protective EVA foil liner, so user can carry cold goods or hot goods up to 107°C 450D polyester fabric
  • Insulation performance (+/-1°C): 12,5 hrs with Freez'Pack® units (sold separately)
  • Weight: 870g
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 43 x 19 x 39,5cm