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Custom Ski and Snowboard Boot Fitting

Carters is a BSBA Gold Boot Fitter. Carters have been custom fitting ski boots in Reading for over 50 years. Our fitting methods adapt and improve every year to keep pace with changes in boot technology and to give you a better fit.

Our boot fitters are Superfit, BSBA (British Ski Boot-Fitters Association) and Masterfit University trained and certificated. We stock an extensive range of ski, snowboard and ski touring boots for men and women. We recommend, manufacture and fit Sidas and Superfeet Custom moulded foot-beds to your boots. Our service is backed up with the Carters Boot Fit Comfort Guarantee. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Our expert boot fitters can guide you through the maize of boots, socks and foot-beds to a successful fit. A successful boot fit is achieved by working with your Carters boot fitter, giving yourself at least 90 minutes in store, wearing good quality technical ski or snowboard socks and having custom orthotic foot-beds fitted in your boots.

Asking you questions about your skiing or snowboarding, assessing your feet and lower leg biomechanics helps us to select the most appropriate boots for you to try. Good quality modern ski and snowboard socks are designed to support and protect your feet, drawing moisture away from the skin to help keep you dry and warm. Quality socks also have varying amounts of padding in strategic areas to further improve the fit and comfort of your feet in your boots.

A Sidas and Superfeet custom moulded foot-bed will help improve circulation, balance, fit, comfort and performance. Carters have been recommending Sidas and Superfeet custom moulded foot-beds for over 25 years and our boot fitters are all skilled in their production and fitting. We cannot over emphasize the importance of a well-made custom foot-bed to a successful boot fit. In most cases it is the key ingredient to a successful fitting.

If you have been skiing or snowboarding for 3 weeks or more buying your own custom fitted boots is the best investment you can make to improve your comfort and performance.

Boot Fitting Charge: £30.00
A 20 minute appointment to assess fitting issues leading to a boot purchase, we will take a brief boot history and foot measurements in order to create the best fit possible.

Call Carters today on 0118 959 9022 to make an appointment.