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Magic Spiker Footwear Crampons

Magic Spiker
Footwear Crampons
(Colour: Black)

7.99 / was 12.99
Save: 5.00 (38%)

Keep your feet while others are slipping away! The Magic Spiker is a uniquely designed footwear accessory that helps anyone walk with slip free confidence.
Ice, snow, mud, sand and wet grass will stop being an unfriendly environment, giving you confidence to venture out in most weather conditions.
The Magic Spiker is for everyone; from children to the elderly, from ramblers to construction workers, from skiers to council staff, with a pair of Magic Spikers you will walk with greater confidence.


  • Durable rubber band construction
  • 5 Metal ice cleats
  • Easy On/Off
  • Walk naturally
  • Reduce slipping injuries
  • Confidently walk in snow, ice, mud and wet grass
  • Take up minimal space
  • Great value for money
  • Footwear not included